Film Hunters' Crossing
Aliases Sasquatch (referred to by Hank Williams)

Troll (referred to by Trevor Farleys) Ogre (referred to by Trevor Farleys) Dick (referred to by Trevor Farleys)

Species Sasquatch
Abilities Incredible strength
Status Deceased
C.O.D. Impaled by Trevor Farleys' harpoon
Portrayed by Blake Carrington

Bigfoot was the tertiary antagonist of Hunters' Crossing. He attacked Hank Williams, Willis Tutz, and Samantha Burd; he killed Trevor Farleys' parents (speculated), and he killed Trevor.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Bigfoot's life. It can be assumed that he has the same history as the mythological Bigfoot of the real world.

It is hinted throughout the movie that he killed Trevor's parents. This is shown through Trevor's hatred towards Bigfoot and the subject of his parents being brought up around the same time.

Battle with Trevor Edit

Trivia Edit

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