Hank Williams
Hank Williams
Film Hunters' Crossing
Aliases None
Job Hunter
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Allies Trevor Farleys

Willis Tutz

Enemies Clive Harris
Age Unknown
Status Alive
C.O.D. None
Portrayed by Zach Zeman
"I think the award goes to the people with the most kills...or something. I dunno. The most violent hunter?"
―Hank Williams[src]

Hank Williams was the deuteragonist of Hunters' Crossing. He was a hunter staying at the Tutz Hunting Lodge and competing for Hunter of the Year. He eventually enlisted the help of Trevor Farleys and Willis Tutz to take down an opposing hunter.

Early Life

Hank's age is not known, so it is difficult to determine his year of birth but he tells the film crew that he first started hunting at the age of eight. He stole his dad's rifle and pickup truck and went out into the woods and shot a rabbit.

The only other known fact about Hank's life before the events of Hunters' Crossing are that he had several ex-wives, one of which had multiple personality disorder and destroyed his house and furniture with power tools in the middle of the night.

Adventures with Trevor

Hank's adventures began when he accepted Trevor's offer to share a room at the Tutz Hunting Lodge. The two immediately became close friends and hunters who decided to help each other in achieving their goals.

Hank and Trevor enlisted the help of Willis Tutz to get back at Clive Harris for sabotaging them while the two were hunting. The two attempted to sabotage Clive by scaring off his prey with gunfire, but that only attracted the attention of Clive, who shot at them.

The two were shot with tranquilizers and kidnapped by Clive.

Trevor and Hank in Pit

Hank and Trevor in Clive's snake pit.

They were kept in a small snake pit behind a decrepit log cabin. After escaping, Clive threatened their lives once more, but they were saved by Willis, who crept up behind Clive and shot him.

After driving back to the lodge from the woods, Hank discovers that he lost his gun and informs Willis that they need to go back and find it. Trevor heads back to the room and waits for Hank to return. While Hank and Willis are driving through the woods, they come across Samantha Burd who throws the car keys into the woods and tells them that they cannot leave until Willis agrees to shut down the lodge. Right after this, Bigfoot leaps out of the woods and begins to attack the car. Hank calls Trevor and tells him that Bigfoot is on the road. He then waited inside the car until Trevor showed up and fought Bigfoot.


A year after Trevor's battle and final moments, Hank reveals himself to be standing in a cemetery. He tells the camera crew that while Trevor did in fact die, he is not buried in the cemetery. He merely felt that going to any random cemetery and thinking about Trevor would be enough to pay his respects.

It is revealed that Hank did not win the Hunter of the Year award, most likely due to the fact that he doesn't seem to kill anything throughout the course of the film. He then states that Trevor was the real Hunter of the Year, because Trevor accomplished his goal and died with honor. Then, in tears, Hank states that Trevor was his best friend.


  • Hank had several ex-wives, but only one of them was mentioned in great detail.
  • Hank was told by several of his hunting friends about "snipe hunting", so he and Trevor went on a "snipe hunt". Unfortunately he did not understand that his friends were joking and he and Trevor ended up sitting in a field with a trash bag for hours.
  • Hank is very straight forward and doesn't seem to get sarcasm very often.
  • He has an incredibly strong fear of spiders.
  • Hank's idea for winning Hunter of the Year was to shoot and kill every living animal he sees.

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