Hunters' Crossing (2013)
Hunters Crossing poster
Director(s) Zach Zeman
Producer(s) Rob Zeman
Writer(s) Grant Zeman

Zach Zeman

Starring Grant Zeman

Zach Zeman Tom Claussen

Mattie Thomas Blake Carrington

Cinematography by Rob Zeman

Zach Zeman

Editor(s) Zach Zeman
Production Company Sons of Rhea

Hidden Gnome Films

Release Date TBA
Running Time 1 hour
Country United States
Language English

Hunters' Crossing (2013) Edit

Hank Williams (Zach Zeman), a bonafide idiot, is competing for the Hunter of the Year. He meets a Bigfoot hunter, Trevor Farleys (Grant Zeman), and together they team up with an aging bear slayer (Tom Claussen) to take down a fellow competitor (also Zach Zeman) who is hellbent on winning the award.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Grant Zeman as Trevor Farleys

Zach Zeman as Hank Williams/Clive Harris

Tom Claussen as Willis Tutz

Mattie Thomas as Samantha Burd

Blake Carrington as Bigfoot

Production Edit

Zach Zeman got the idea for shooting the film after spending a month with his grandfather, Tom Claussen, at a hunting lodge in the George Washington National Forest. He immediately got to work on a script, which Grant Zeman co-wrote with him.

Zach Zeman almost ended up playing the role of Trevor and Grant Zeman nearly played Hank. The switch was made about a month before filming due to a few character rewrites.

The production of the film took roughly a week to complete with additional scenes being shot a year later. It then took another entire year before the film was finally cut together and edited properly for an audience.

Due to the fact that licensed music is used in the film, it is on Youtube and not available for commercial distribution, but free viewings.

Original Song Edit

Nearly six months after production ended, Grant Zeman came up with the idea of a song to represent Trevor's tortured past and immense hatred for Bigfoot. Thus, "Bigfoot is a Dick" was born.

Grant Zeman wrote the lyrics to accompany some royalty free piano music he found online. The vocals were matched up with the music and the song was created. Since Grant Zeman cannot sing well, the idea behind the song was to make it sound awful, but humorous at the same time.

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