Trevor Farleys
Trevor Farleys
Film Hunters' Crossing
Aliases None
Job Bigfoot Hunter
Family Unnamed brother (mentioned by Hank Williams)
Allies Hank Williams

Willis Tutz

Enemies Bigfoot

Clive Harris

Age 28
Status Deceased
C.O.D. Impaled by harpoon
Portrayed by Grant Zeman
"Knock-knock. Who's there? Bigfoot. Bigfoot who? Bigfoot is a dick!"
―Trevor Farleys[src]

Trevor Farleys was the main protagonist of Hunters' Crossing. He was a Bigfoot hunter staying at the Tutz Hunting Lodge. His efforts throughout the film were to aid Hank Williams at winning Hunter of the Year and killing Bigfoot.

Early Life

Not much is known about Trevor's early life. It is known that he was born in Mississippi and he first started hunting Bigfoot at the age of thirteen. Every single time he tries to explain his hatred for Bigfoot or how he ended up hunting Bigfoot, he is interrupted through an outside source.

Trevor's Parents

A photo of an older couple that was dear to Trevor, possibly his parents.

It is alluded that Bigfoot killed his parents when he sadly looks at a photograph of an old couple whilst gearing up to kill Bigfoot.

It is revealed at the end of the film that Trevor has a brother that lives in South America.

Hunting Bigfoot

Trevor Map

Trevor shows the film crew his satellite images that he has used to track Bigfoot through the mountains.

Trevor tells Hank that he has been tracking Bigfoot since he was thirteen years old. He tracked Bigfoot through the mountains of Virginia until he ended up at the Tutz Hunting Lodge. It was here where Hank was assaulted by Bigfoot whilst in a car with Willis Tutz and Samantha Burd. Trevor knew he had to act quickly, so he geared up and prepared to kill Bigfoot.

Trevor's gear for killing Bigfoot was oddly specific. It included:

  • A harpoon
  • Work gloves
  • A chemical gas mask
Trevor Geared Up

Trevor in full Bigfoot fighting gear.

During Trevor's battle with Bigfoot, he tried to use his harpoon as the main form of weapon. Trevor threw it through the air towards Bigfoot and missed by a long shot. The harpoon instead got wedged in between two trees. The rest of the fight with Bigfoot was hand-to-hand combat. Bigfoot managed to be a worthy foe, as he managed to throw Trevor onto his own harpoon and impale him. In Trevor's final moments, he grabbed Bigfoot and pulled him in close, impaling him on the harpoon as well.

Adventures with Hank

Hank Williams was Trevor's companion during his stay at the Tutz Hunting Lodge. The two met when Hank was searching for a room to stay in and Trevor offered up the spare bed in his room. The two immediately grew close as friends and fellow hunters.

Upon discovering that Clive Harris was sabotaging Hank and Trevor's hunting methods, the two decided to get back at Clive and make sure that Hank won Hunter of the Year. The two enlisted the help of former hunter, Willis Tutz, to teach them certain methods of hunter sabotage.

Clive proved to be more clever than initially thought, and the two ended up being captured by Clive and thrown into a small pit behind a decrepit log cabin. The two managed to escape, only to be caught by Clive once more. Clive's intention the second time around was to kill the two of them and feed their bodies to a bear, but Hank and Trevor were saved by Willis, who crept up behind Clive and shot him in the gut.

Hank and Trevor also spent some time hunting snipes together, although the method that was used was one usually incorporated by boys and girls camps: the two sat in a field with a trash bag and waited for the snipe to jump into the bag. It did not work and Trevor suggested that the two go shoot some deer instead.


  • Trevor mentions that he knows martial arts and he can defend himself with his bare hands.
  • When asked why he wears such a heavy winter coat in such hot climates, Trevor responds by telling the questioner that he feels insecure without his jacket.
  • Trevor has a slight drinking problem, most likely due to his traumatic past with Bigfoot.
  • After Trevor's death, his estranged brother takes his ashes and spreads them in the Guantanamo Bay to keep up with "ancient family traditions".
  • Trevor wrote a song called "Bigfoot is a Dick". Upon his death, Hank releases the song to a record company and it becomes a No. 1 Hit.

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