Willis Tutz
Willis Tutz
Film Hunters' Crossing
Aliases Tutz Kid (referred to by Trevor Farleys
Job Hunting Lodge Owner

Bear Slayer (former)

Family Unknown
Allies Hank Williams

Trevor Farleys

Enemies Samantha Burd

Clive Harris

Age Unknown
Status Alive
C.O.D. None
Portrayed by Tom Claussen
"I'm gonna sick the bears on you..."
―Willis Tutz[src]

Willis Tutz was the owner of the Tutz Hunting Lodge and the mentor of Trevor Farleys and Hank Williams. He had a long-running feud with animal rights activist Samantha Burd.

Early Life

Before Willis opened up the Tutz Hunting Lodge, he spent a good deal of his life hunting and eating bears. He explains to the film crew that one day he was hunting and a bear started to attack him. He decided to quit hunting that day because of the close call, but he still wishes he could find the bear and "shoot its balls off".

At some point, Willis knew Clive Harris' grandfather and had a dispute with him. It ended with Willis stringing up Clive's grandfather and hanging him. It is not known why Willis hung him, but Willis is a man of some dignity, so it had to have been for good reasons.

As a Mentor

Willis was approached by Trevor Farleys and Hank Williams to mentor them in beating Clive Harris in the Hunter of the Year competition.

Upon being informed of Clive's unexpected presence on the hunting lodge grounds, Willis confronted Clive by the river.

Clive vs Willis

Willis confronts Clive by the river.

Clive explains that the land and Cabins surrounding the river belong to him because they were left to him in his grandfather's will. It is here where Willis reveals to Clive and the film crew that he hung Clive's grandfather.

Willis informed Trevor and Hank to tread lightly when attempting to sabotage Clive. He believed their plan had a good deal of holes in it and it could have lead to them getting "a bullet in the ass". Hank and Trevor did not listen to his advice and proceeded anyway.

When Hank and Trevor seek further advice because Clive caught them in their act of sabotage, Willis expresses his anger with them due to their lack of respect for him.

Willis Shoots Clive

Willis shoots Clive in the gut and kills him.

After Hank and Trevor are kidnapped by Clive, Willis saves the two by shooting Clive in the gut and killing him.

He takes Hank back to the Cabins to help Hank find his gun, but the two were interrupted by Samantha Burd and Bigfoot.

Feud with Samantha Burd

Willis had a long lasting feud with Samantha Burd. She constantly stood in the lodge parking lot and shouted obscenities at the hunters currently staying at the lodge. When asked what he felt of her, Willis states to the film crew that he wishes some hunters would mistake her for a bear and "shoot her balls off".

When Hank and Trevor confess that they did not take his advice, Willis tells them they shouldn't have messed with Clive at all because he was planning to tell Samantha that Clive claimed the lodge property was his so she would have bothered Clive instead.

Willis desperately tried to get Samantha off of the lodge grounds by providing an argument to her while she was parked in the street. He explained that her methods were animalistic and not helping any sort of cause. Her response was to check into the lodge and plant herself as a guest. Willis couldn't do anything due to the fact that she paid for her time there.

Willis' last known encounter with Samantha was whilst he was driving Hank Williams back to the Cabins to find Hank's gun. Samantha was stranded on the road in the middle of a thunderstorm so Willis decided to offer her a ride. She proceeded to take the keys out of the car and throw them into the woods, claiming that they were to not go anywhere until Willis shut down his lodge. Her argument is quickly interrupted when Bigfoot begins to attack the car.


  • Tom Claussen improvised a great deal of his lines, often throwing the other actors off by incorporating new storylines such as Clive's grandfather being hung.
  • Willis is often seen with a dog in several scenes. This is Tom Claussen's dog in real life, Lady.
  • Willis is fixated on getting back at the bear that attacked him and often wishes that his enemies were mistaken for a bear. He seems to project the image of a bear on all of his enemies.

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